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Leasehold Issues

Extending your lease

There are many circumstances in which you may wish or need to extend the lease of your property. One of these is that lenders will not lend on shorter leases and a short lease will reduce the value of your property. There is a legal process by which you can insist that your landlord grants you an extension.

We have an experienced team of property experts who will give you the advice and guidance you need on when and how to extend the term of your lease. In turn this will then increase the value of your property.

Buying and managing the freehold

There is a process by which you and other tenants in your building could either buy the freehold, which means you will own the flat outright, or manage the building yourself. This process is called collective enfranchisement which allows you to join forces with other leaseholders in the building to make a purchase. This would give you more control over the management of your building.

We have years of experience in this area and specialist knowledge of the market to advise you through the process. We will guide you through the complex statutory requirements and ensure that all time limits will be met.

Leasehold disputes

Unfortunately disputes sometimes arise between the leaseholder and the freeholder or managing agent. A lease is a complex document and can cause confusion between both parties as to who is responsible for what. Disputes can also occur between neighbours which often relate to noise or objects that obstruct communal areas or affect the overall appearance of the exterior. Whatever the dispute, we can help you resolve the issue as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

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